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Join us for our school fete on  

   Saturday 18th June

 from 1- 4pm

More details to follow...

Well done, Year 6!

Finally, SATs for Year 6 are over! The children and staff have worked so hard. Thank you to all Yr6 parents for getting their children to school nice and early to start the day with breakfast – it really made a difference to how well the children could focus.

Last week I reminded you about jewellery and nail varnish on children. It’s been great this week to see the children dressed appropriately and smartly – thank you for making the effort.

I mentioned that we had an accident outside of school last week. Several parents have been to talk to me to say that discourteous parking near to the school gates is not helping the matter. Please park away from the gates and walk that little bit further in order to keep all our children safe. Please remember to always cross the road with David the Crossing Warden – some families are not using the manned crossing – Moseley Avenue is such a busy road, please cross sensibly. Thank you. Mrs Evans ~ 13th May 2016



Fri 20th May Sports Day and our lunchtime picnic. For details and timings please click here.

Mon 23rd May Year 6 set off for PGL

Fri 27th May Year 6 return from PGL and we all break up for half term


Mon 6th June We welcome children back into school for the final half term of the academic year.


Weds 20th July We break up for the summer holiday!!

W/E 13.5.16  - Whole school attendance = 97.4% (very good)

Amazing Attenders are G3 & G4!

R1 96.3%, R2 94.5%, E1 99.3%, E2 98.7%, E3 99.0%, E4 97.3%, D1 96.8%, D2 98.3%, D3 98.0%, D4 93.3%, D5 96.7%, G1 97.9%, G2 96.0%, G3 100%, G4 100%


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Details about our Routeway Through is on our site, which explains the methods we use to teach maths. Handy when you are helping your child with homework!

Term dates for the entire year (including our teacher days) are updated on here too.

Information about school dinners is also online (so you'll know if it's fish on Fridays or chips on Tuesdays!). School uniform order forms can be downloaded on here. Learning leaflets outline the topics your children will be learning about each term, and they will be uploaded here at the start of each term along with after-school club information.

Newsletters are digitally delivered direct to your email Inbox each week and a copy is also stored here (if you update your email address, please let the office know). All of our important policies are on here too - visit our Statutory Information page.

Key dates will be added on our home page frequently.

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