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Design and Technology

Year 3 - Making Lentil Soup - Spring Term 2020

Year 3 - Lentil Soup – Spring Term

Year 3 have been making lentil soup! At the start of the week we tasted some different lentil soups and decided in groups which vegetables we would like to include. In the cooking bay, we have been developing our bridge hold and claw grip skills when cutting our vegetables. We also used a garlic press and used weighing scales and a measuring jug accurately.

Year 6 - Bread & Apple Pudding - Autumn Term 2019

Year 6 – Apple Pudding – Autumn 2019

The Year 6 children have been building on their skills this half term to make bread and apple pudding. They made the war time desert as part of their theme topic.

Each group worked together well to measure out their ingredients and follow their instructions. With adult supervision, they were also able to peel and use a bridge hold to cut their apples.

Year 3 - Bread Rolls - Autumn Term 2019

Year 3 – Bread Rolls – Autumn 2019

Year 3 visited Morrisons to gather their ingredients for their bread rolls.

The children worked on their measuring skills and learnt how to knead their dough. We thought carefully about the consistency of the dough and whether or not we needed to add more flour to help.

Year 1 - Rock Cakes, Autumn Term 2019

Year 1 – Rock Cakes – Autumn 2019

Year 1 have been working very hard in their cooking lessons to make some delicious rock cakes.

They worked on their food safety skills by wearing aprons and washing their hands carefully before starting to touch their ingredients.

Each child worked with an adult on their mixing and combining skills by using their hands to rub in the butter to the mixture.

Year R - Hand Puppets and Jam Tarts

DT Club – Spring Term

Design and Technology Club have been having lots of fun making and cooking in the Spring term. We have made puppets using our cutting and sewing skills. We have also been cooking in the cooking bay. We have made yummy pitta pizzas, delicious jam tarts and Easter nest cakes.

Year 5 - Cooking Apple Crumble

Year 4 - Exploding Volcanoes

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