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Prevention Work

Prevention Work

At Moseley we believe that the children’s safety is paramount and to support this we deliver a range of prevention work to help build children’s understanding and support network.


-Protective Behaviours is a framework for personal safety consisting of 2 Themes and 7 Strategies. It’s a dynamic, confidence building, empowering approach that links safety with having adventures and taking risks. Members of staff have been trained on Protective Behaviours and teachers deliver these lessons around October, every year.


It helps children to identify if they are feeling unsafe by tuning into their early warning signs, those things that happen in our body like butterflies in the stomach, wobbly knees etc. that let us know we don’t feel OK in this particular situation. And if we get those ‘Early Warning Signs’,

PBs encourages children to think clearly about what their options are and work out what action they might need to take. That action might be to contact somebody on a support network.


-PANTs from the NSPCC is a campaign that we have completed at Moseley. We provide children with the skills to recognise abusive behaviour, helping them understand that abusive relationships are never acceptable or right. Children are taught the PANTS rule to remember:

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