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Year 2

Florence Nightingale

Year 2  had an experience day where they learnt all about Florence Nightingale and what life was like for her during the 1800's. As part of their experience day, they tried to clean the ‘hospital’ in the classroom and added bandages to each other. They studied nursing and what they could do to care for soldiers during the war.

Who was William Shakespeare? Year 2 got the opportunity to discover the answer to this question when the Shakespeare Birthplace Company came to visit. They held a workshop and took Year 2 through Shakespeare’s life story and how he came to fame. Year 2 were then privileged enough to recreate A Midsummer Knight’s Dream. They had a great time learning all about Shakespeare.  

Subheading Queen Elizabeth I and the Spanish Armada

Year 2 have been very busy building boats and testing different materials to find the best material to build a winning boat for Queen Elizabeth. The boat needed to be strong enough and suitable to help win the war. We then observed if the boats sank or floated. They also had the most fun experiencing a Renaissance style Fair; during this time they were able to see what pastimes the Tudors enjoyed.

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