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Religious Education

Easter Competition Winner 2020

Nursery - Filip - 1st Place
Nursery - Milo - 2nd Place
Nursery - Avery - 3rd Place
R1 - Archie - 1st Place
R1 - Luke - 2nd Place
R1 - Ruby - 3rd Place
R2 - Sienna - 1st Place
R2 - Nevaeh - 2nd Place
R2 - Keelan - 3rd Place
E1 - Joshua - 1st Place
E1 - Terri-Ann - 2nd Place
E1 - Holly - 3rd Place
E2 - Hedi - 1st Place
E2 - Erin - 2nd Place
E2 - Ryan - 3rd Place
E3 - Suraya - 1st Place
E3 - Jack - 2nd Place
E3 - Azaria - 3rd Place
E4 - Ibrahim - 1st Place
E4 - Simon- 2nd Place
E4 - Nancy - 3rd Place
D2 - Maryam - 1st Place
D2 - Katrina - 2nd Place
D2 - Anand - 3rd Place
D3 - Bori - 1st Place
D3 - Bori - 2nd Place
D4 - Poppy - 1st Place
D4 - Nicole - 2nd Place
D4 - Benai - 3rd Place
D4 - Benai - 3rd Place
D5 - Kacie - 1st Place
D5 - Imaan - 2nd Place
D5 - Blake - 3rd Place
G1 - Mia - 1st Place
G1 - Halimah - 2nd Place
G1 - Isaac - 3rd Place
G2 - Bella - 1st Place
G2 - Ayaan - 2nd Place
G2 - Joseph - 3rd Place
G3 - Emma - 1st Place
G3 - Natalia - 3rd Place
G3 - Amritha - 3rd Place
G4 - Hriday - 1st Place
G4 - Zoe & Zara - 2nd Place
G4 - Alisha - 3rd Place

Easter Competition 2020

The teachers set a Easter Art Competition for the children to complete over their Easter holidays. As all children were learning at home, they had to be inventive with the resources they used. The children could use anything from household objects to anything found outside. There are a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place from each class. We are so impressed with all of the entries, you’ve all tried so hard. Congratulations everyone!

Reception explored ‘What is Christmas?’ 16.01.2019

Reception explored ‘What is Christmas?’ We spoke about the Nativity and the special people in the story. The children learnt about why we give presents, why were stars important and the role of the angel. They wrote about their favourite parts of Christmas and drew pictures of the Nativity scene. The children also watched the video of their own Nativity dress rehearsal.

Reception Class - Diwali

Today we celebrated Diwali. The children learnt about the festival of light and watched videos about how people celebrate. We explored Rangoli patterns and made our own using pasta, rice and pom-poms. We went into the hall to practise our Diwali dancing. We had a great time!

Reception Class Trip to the Church - 03.12.2019

We heard the Christmas story, saw special clothing that the Vicar will wear and looked for different features around the Church.  It was a great morning!

Year 4 - Christingles

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