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At Moseley we are very lucky to have links to several sporting clubs covering a multitude of sports. We are really keen to get every child into a sports team as early as possible as it offers the following benefits:


1. Builds confidence.

When playing a sport, children have the opportunity to show their skills, gain greater self-awareness, and enjoy an activity that they love the most.

2. Provides consistent exercise.

Most children have too much screen time and not enough hands-on activity. A team sport commits your child to regular exercise, which helps boost immunity and contributes to overall physical health.

3. Develops relationships.

Children build friendships with other children and their coaches, which is a great way for your child to expand their social skills and understand expectations.

4. Contributes to stronger academics.

Children who play team sports are more apt to stronger academic achievement. Through sports, children learn the importance of time management and discipline.

5. Helps put winning into perspective.

This can be a real sore subject for some children. Participating in team a sport gives children the opportunity to gain an understanding of both winning and losing, as well as recognising the value of every teammate’s abilities in contributing toward a shared goal.

6. Teaches respect.

In team sports, children learn to respect other authoritative figures, such as coaches, referees and umpires, as well as their peers.

7. Encourages family involvement.

Your child is not the only one who will benefit from participation in team sports. Parents/carers and siblings can practice plays, attend games and cheer each other on, providing a bonding opportunity for the whole family.

Sports Club Links within the Community


Moseley Primary School recommends a number of after school clubs within the community.  Each club takes children from Reception – Year 6 so everyone has the opportunity to join. These include the following:


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