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Moseley Primary School – History Routeway


At Moseley, History is taught through a range of practical and theoretical lessons. Children are given a wide range of opportunities to learn through research and first-hand experiences. We believe that all children should have a coherent understanding of the events which have built up to and influenced the present day; both in Coventry and throughout the wider world. We understand that children develop their ability to empathise, learn to question and improve research skills through History.

Children are taught about a variety of historical periods, from Year 6 through to Reception. Topics are selected and taught in line with the National Curriculum’s Historical programme of study. Children in the Early Years are taught about history alongside ‘Understanding of the World’; an area of learning within the Government’s statutory framework.






Understanding of the World;
Past and Present
People, Culture and Communities.

Year 1

The Great Fire of London
The Gunpowder Plot

The First Flight
The Printing Press
The Steam Engine

Christopher Columbus
Neil Armstrong
The Moon Landing

Year 2

The Plague
Florence Nightingale
Marie Curie

William Shakespeare
Queen Elizabeth I Spanish Armada

Queen Victoria

Queen Elizabeth II

Year 3

The Stone Age
The Bronze Age
The Iron

Ancient Egypt


The Vikings
The Anglo-Saxons


Year 4

The Tudors
Tudor Monarchs
Tudor Entertainment and exploration


The Roman Empire

Year 5

The Maya

The Victorian Era
The Victorians- Innovation and Industry
The Victorians- Exploration and Empire


Year 6

The Second World War

Crime and Punishment

The Ancient Greeks


Our goal is to inspire the children’s curiosity to learn more about the past. To do this we provide many opportunities for children to learn through; trips to historical sites, external visitors, dramatic re-enactments, research based activities and handling artefacts. Children within all year groups are encouraged to relate their current topic back to the present day or personal childhood. This develops the children’s chronological awareness, ability to sequence time and the correct historical vocabulary. History is often taught in a cross-curricular approach; in doing so children are given the opportunity to develop other skills such as using technology to research, cooking, writing and acting.

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