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Year 1 Trip - Aston Hall

As part of Year 1's  topic 'The Great Fire of London', they visited Aston Hall in Birmingham. During the visit, Year 1 explored all of the rooms and discovered that the gall is old and has a similar kitchen to that used in the bakery where the Great Fire first started in London. Whilst at Aston Hall, they also attended a workshop and learnt even more about the fire and what it was like living in that period.

As part of Year 1's topic on The Great Fire of London, they built Tudor houses during their Art and DT lessons using straws and masking tape. During their Forest school session, Mrs Gibson set fire to their Tudor houses. They watched how quickly the fire spread and discovered that the fire could not spread through the gap amongst the houses. It was a fantastic way to learn, through first hand experiences, how quickly the fire spread in 1666.

Year 2 Trip - Herbert Art Gallery

Year 2 visited the Herbert Art Gallery and found out what life was like during the Victorian era, as part of their topic 'Changes within Living Memory'. They explored Victorian toys and joined in with games similar to those played by Victorian children. They also dressed up as Victorians and pretended to be Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.  Year 2 had a fantastic day and learnt a lot about Victorian childhood through first hand experiences.

Year 6 Coventry Cathedral Trip 02.10.2019

Year 4 visited The Royal State Rooms at Buckingham Palace and the Royal Mews as part of their topic 'The Power of the Monarchy'.  They learnt about who first bought the Palace, the changes that have been made and how the palace is used today.  They were also able to see the different types of coaches that are used for special celebrations and understand some of the important jobs of people that work at the Royal Mews.  They had a brilliant day, even though they didn't actually get to see the Queen!

Year R - Warwick Castle 07.03.2019

Reception visited Warwick castle as part of their 'Castles, Knights and Princesses' topic. They explored a real castle, watched the 'Birds of Prey' show, met and listened to a story read by a Princess and visited the Grand Hall. We climbed to the top of the tower and were able to see the whole of Warwick, it was a great day out.

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